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Officeconnect 1830 PoE overload?

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Officeconnect 1830 PoE overload?

I have an HPE 1830 switch which is exhibiting some odd PoE delivery issues.

Connected to it are a couple of IP Telephones which work fine. The one i have on test currently is an Audiocodes C450HD Teams handset. 

When I go off-hook or answer a call, the handset reboots and the switch log shows PoE overload.

The odd thing about this is I have tried two different C450 handsets, several PoE ports and the fault still remains.

The phone is 802.11af so the 802.11at rated switch should be more than enough to run it. The total PoE load across all ports is currently 18 watts


Re: Officeconnect 1830 PoE overload?


It seems a compatibility issue between both devices.

Can you please log a ticket with both vendors?


I am an HPE Employee

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