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Policy Based Routing issue on HP5412


Policy Based Routing issue on HP5412


Hello All,


I would like to route a specific IP (or possibly a vlan) via an alternative firewall/gateway/ISP. I believe this can be done by implementing policy based routing on our core switch however I am struggling with the implementation /command syntax


I have added the following configuration to our HP5412zl running K.15.06.0006


route-map "via-entanet-isp" permit seq 10
match ip address prefix-list "via-entanet-isp"
set ip next-hop


ip prefix-list "via-entanet-isp" seq 5 permit ge 32 le 32


however I can not see any changes to the routing table of the core switch. My question is do I need to apply the policy before I will see any change to the path uses to get to the internet or have I missed something else.


I have attached the running configuration for your perusal


Thanks in advance