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I am new to this so I just have a question bout my config  For Example:

interface GigabitEthernet1/0/4
 port link-type hybrid
 undo port hybrid vlan 1
 port hybrid vlan 6 tagged
 port hybrid vlan 3 untagged
 port hybrid pvid vlan 3
 undo voice vlan mode auto
 voice vlan 6 enable
 poe enable
 stp edged-port enable

 What is the difference with tagged / Untagged and PVID?  Why do you need vlan 3 untagged and then port hypbrid pvid lan 3?

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What model switch do you have?

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Personally, I use Access or Trunk, never Hybrid.

VLAN 3 untagged means that the port will Tx VLAN3 frames without any VLAN tag.

PVID VLAN 3 means that untagged frames that Rx to the port will be tagged as VLAN3.

At least, that is my understanding of the intriguing world of 3COM.