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ProCurve 2810 and RMON

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ProCurve 2810 and RMON


we use HP ProCurve 2810 switches in our network.
Now we want to use their RMON capabilities for alerting and monitoring.
Since we have not yet had practical experience with RMON, detailed description of the configuration of RMON-based monitoring would be helpful.
Unfortunately, only a few informations can be found, which leaves many questions open.

Where could we find more detailed informations about the configuration and usage of RMON on ProCurve switches?

Another interesting question would be if its possible to monitor an entire tree with a single RMON alert rule instead to define an alert for each single value?
E.g. If we want to trigger a trap/log event when ifInErrors ( exceeds an threshold on any interface. Do we have to define an alarm for each interface (ifInErrors.[1-N]) or could this be archived by a single alarm rule?