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Re: Procurve XL Wireless edge

Filippo Bertelli
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Procurve XL Wireless edge

I've two Procurve XL Wireless Edge Modules (J9001A). I need to add a pack of 12 licenses (J9002A) on one of these but I can't find them from our resellers because they appears to be end of sale. Where can I buy a J9002A pack? Can I transfer the bundled 12 licenses of one of my J9001A to the other one (in order to have 24 licenses on only one J9001A)?
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Re: Procurve XL Wireless edge

Unfortunately, all licenses for the xl and zl Wireless Edge Services Module (WESM) are now End of Sale, and its impossible to get these through official HP channels. No partner has the capability to order from HP.


You mention that the xl WESM has 12 licenses built in, and if its possible to take these off and move them to your second xl WESM. Sorry, but this is not possible either.


The modules themselves, associated Radio Ports (210 / 230), as well as the licenses are all end of sale as well. The 220RP is still available for sale! 


Its worth investigating the ability to tradein your WESM solution. HP Networking now has MultiService MobilityWireless solutions, as well as out A Family Wireless.