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SNMP: ProCurve 2848

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SNMP: ProCurve 2848

I'm currently looking to integrate support for the ProCurve's we have into our new MRTG config generator and statistics viewer.


To do this I use information from SNMP to generate the necessary configuration files. I'm currently running into a problem with the 2848's in that I can't find a place where VLAN's and ports are coupled. I know ifDescr.1 to ifDescr.48 represent the 48 physical ports and that from ifDescr.49 to ifDescr.73 are the trunks. I also know that the ifDescr.99 corresponds to VLAN1, it seems that this is being calculated as VLAN-number+98.


Both ifDescr and fiMIB ifName don't prove to be anything useful, neither is ifAlias, the hpSwitchPortTable is also proving useless in this case. The hpSwitchStp units are just as useless to me.


I found a very nice layer2 branch in BLADE2-PHYSICAL but that one only applies to the Proliant Blades.


Does anyone have a clue if it is at all possible to get this information from these ProCurves and if so, which OID's?


Another question, do the ID's of the ports ever change? I'm currently assuming that ifDescr.1 will always correspond to Port 1 on the switch. I believe this to be a reasonable assumption because otherwise MRTG configurations would have to be regenerated after a possible configuration change or a power-cycle which is, well, unfortunate.