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Superstack 3 (3c16471) questions

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Superstack 3 (3c16471) questions



I'm a bit lost/confused with trying to work with this switch. I'm able to use it, in fact I'm online and connected through it. I eventually want to network the whole house with it, as we have multiple PCs, satelite boxes, and a xbox360 & Wii.

But when I tracert I dont see the switch to my cable modem. So I cant see the switch, it's IP. nor able to login to the switch. There is no serial port, so its uplink (at the moment) is connected on port 1.


I'm studying for a CCNA which I know is for Cisco items, as my job uses them via contract. But even the things Ive learn from the CCNA books is not helpping figure out this switch. Any help would be much appreciated. As online resources seem to be lacking.