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Re: VLAN Routing on Procurve 2848

Patrick Giblin

VLAN Routing on Procurve 2848

I have a Procurve 2848 set at factory defaults.  I need to set it up as an isolated lab switch that I can plug devices from multiple subnets into but those devices must be able to communicate with each other when necessary.  How do I configure VLANs/Layer 3 options for this?  I am afraid I am not very switch/router savvy.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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Re: VLAN Routing on Procurve 2848

Hope this helps:


config t

ip routing

vlan 1

 ip address

 untagged 1-6


vlan 2

 ip address

 untagged 7-12


ip route


You can rinse and repeat for any additional VLANs.  I might also suggest that you setup a seperate vlan for your outbound traffic and change the default route ( as appropriate.  The untagged command for each vlan is for the ports you want to hang those devices off of.  If you need a link to another switch to extend the reach, you will need to setup a ports as 'tagged" to get those vlans and IP to another switch.  On the other switch, you would only need to setup the vlan and the tagged/untagged ports, not the IP's.