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Re: VLAN access to the internet

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VLAN access to the internet

Hello Folks

I am relativly new to VLANS and need some advise please.

So I can create VLANS and allow devices across switches to talk to each other, no issue there.

My issue is, how do I allow a device on say, VLAN 50 to access the internet using my existing Firewall which is on a different subnet?

Here is an example below of a setup; (I lknow the 172.16 may not be routeable) but have used as an example. 

VLAN 50 - Management

 Default Gateway -

 Mask -  

 Range of IPs - - (32 IP’s to use)

The devices on this VLAN can all communicate which each other, but I can't ping

I am assuming I need to add some static route on the switch to reach my Firewall/ which is on the "Standard" network, i.e. The firewall (which is also my defualt gateway for the usual devices on the network) has the ip of and a mask of

I believe all my switches are Layer 2 and I also have a 3400cl which is Layer 3 (This is where I setup my VLAN) in the first instance. 

So basically, I need to be able to be on a VLAN and to be able to use the tio access the internet.

Thanks in advance and if you do respond, please kindly keep it simple, I'd really appreacie any help as I plan to other several VLANS and need this gap in my knowledge filled! :-)














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Re: VLAN access to the internet

OK, so you have hosts on a subnet 172...
Their default gateway 172... is on VLAN interface 172 on a Layer3 switch 3400,  and they are patched to switchports in VLAN 172 untagged on that switch
That switch also has an IP address in the 10... subnet, and is attached to the firewall in an untagged vlan1 switchport.
The 3400 needs a route --> 10... address of the firewall
The Firewall needs a route 172.... --> 10... address of the 3400 switch