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VLAN on 2x 2650 to 3400cl

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VLAN on 2x 2650 to 3400cl

Bit confused here as to why it isn't working....


We use the "default VLan (1)" for our traffic (very simple network), but now am having a contractor come in that needs some ports to connect to thier internet. Simple (or so I thought) - created a VLAN ID 10 for them and on bothe the 2650 untagged ports 32-48 for them to use. as expected port 50 became tagged.


I think that VLAN 10 on the 2650's is set up correctly, it is the VLAN config on the 3400cl that is doing my head in.


There are two ports 21, 22 that are the uplinks to the 2650's as well the customer requires ports 10 and 12. If Iuntag those ports, we loose the network on VLAN1. I think the same is if we tag the above ports as well. The 3400cl has IP Routing turned on, but the clients will supply their own DHCP server so that shouldn't matter.


Just slightly confused....

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Re: VLAN on 2x 2650 to 3400cl

The vlan should be tagged on ports 21 and 22 on your 3400cl if thats the ports connecting to your 2650s. Port 10 and 12 would be untagged or tagged depending on whats on the other end (ask the contractor).

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