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Re: Voice option on 5406zl

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Voice option on 5406zl

I have a problem with a 5406zl's configuration as it pertains to voip devices.


We have two switches - 5406 and 5412.  5412 functions as our core switch and router. 5406 functions merely as a switch. There is a LACP trunk setup between the two using 4 ports. There are multiple vlans on the switches and each vlan is identically named on each switch.


5412 is physically on the third floor of our building and serves this floor with 3 vlans - Voice is tagged 160, data is untagged 30 or infrastructure [servers] is untagged 1.


5406 is physically on the second floor of our building and serves this floor with two vlans - Voice is tagged 160, data is untagged 20


LACP trunk is tagged in all vlans on both switches.


again, all vlans are duplicated on each switch - just the active ones are mentioned above. Additionally, IP helper addresses are programmed into each vlan. 


no acls are configured on the switches


-Voice option is enabled on 5412 vlan 160 and is operating normally. voip devices are in the 160 vlan and data devices are in their appropriate vlans.

-Voice option is not enabled on 5406 vlan 160 due to the problem.


The problem:

-enabling Voice option on 5406 vlan 160 causes the voip devices to switch to this vlan but no IP address is obtained. 

-enabling Voice option on 5406 vlan 160 and then configuring any device [phone or pc] with a static address results in no ability to reach other network devices on the opposite side of the trunk.

-when the Voice option is enabled, the DHCP server does not receive any DHCP requests from the devices as they switch over to this vlan - the DHCP traffic is not passing through the network.

-the voip phones function properly when the Voice option is not enabled. However, they are then in the 20 vlan and they cannot be recorded as required by the business. 

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Re: Voice option on 5406zl

Hi Don_in_IT,


I work with 8-10 5406zl so... this is MY Hp Procurve knowledge :smileyvery-happy:


Ok.. let's go... When you enable the voice option on VLAN 160 on 5406 what's the ip-helper-address used?


a) The same Ip Helper Address that you've configured on 5412 voice VLAN

b) The IP Address that you give at VLAN 160 on 5412 VLAN 60

c) A different IP

d) No Ip helper address


I got In the core two 5406zl doing switch&routing, fiber-trunking by LACP in two ports (and VRRP activated)... So.. the netmap is similar with you. I have the SAME ip-helper-address on both switches and running fine (at least on last 5 years) :smileywink:


Greetings from Spain....



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Re: Voice option on 5406zl

I am having a similar problem with 5406zl and a 2910al.  I have a good voip vlan running on the first floor, but when I installed these on the 3rd floor, they do not get any DHCP from the voip vlan with voice enabled.  If I remove voice, they then take an IP from the data DHCP.  What can I do to make this work?