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Re: facory default at 3Com 4500

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facory default at 3Com 4500



I'm searching a some procedure who allow restart 3Com 4500 switch with factory default settings. I know a some default passwor and Boot Menu procedure, but person who installed this switch changed all passwords and protect Boot Menu by password. After press CTRL+B switch don't display Boot Menu but ask about password. After 3 incorect passwords, switch continue boot. Is on 4500 switch a some procedure who allow to ommit any passwords, something similar to Cisco 3550 and pressing MODE button during boot?





Re: facory default at 3Com 4500

Sorry Marcin, but don't have any good news. You have to call customer support, then can generate a temporary BootRrom password for you.


In order to recover (reset) the SW4500 BootRom password the following actions are required:

1. The SW4500 Serial Number and MAC Address need to be obtained (located on a label on the rear of the switch)

2. The customer needs to indentify 3Com that they are the legal owners of the SW4500 and this corresponds to the register in the 3Com Warranty Registration system

3 The customer needs to contact 3Com Product Support with (1) and (2)


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