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/ 100% full

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/ 100% full

what is the action
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Re: / 100% full

Hi Raju,

if you are able to login,
please execute the below command
( command will delete the "core" files which is mounted on /)

# find . -name core -exec file {} \; -exec rm -i {} \;

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Hakki Aydin Ucar
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Re: / 100% full

you have to delete OR move some files not necessary on root for you. If you still need more space you have to extend root.
melvyn burnard
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Re: / 100% full

go look at places like /dev and see if there are any normal files. Many times files egt created during actions where a typing error occurs.
For example, using dd and setting the of=/dev/nul creates a normal file rather than sending it to the bit bucket /dev/null

Another favourite one is /dev/rmt/om instead of /dev/rmt/0m
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Laerte Cardoso
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Re: / 100% full

Some possibilities:

du /dev
Maybe a big raw devices

du /etc/lvmconf
maybe some "*.old" of old vg´s

see at "/.secure/etc/"
sometimes "audfile*" is very big

core files

Bill Hassell
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Re: / 100% full

The best way to resolve this is to look at the directory sizes (du) first:

du -kx | sort -rn | head -20

The directories /etc and /sbin must the largest under /. Any other directories must be much smaller. If not, those directories don't belong in / or they have files that should not be that large, or a large number of small files.

You may also find / is using a large amount of space. Sort the directory by size:

ll / | sort -rnk5 | head -20

Bill Hassell, sysadmin