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11.31 - mounting dvd/cd

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Tom Haddad
Super Advisor

11.31 - mounting dvd/cd

I have HPUX (DC-OE) media where when I mount it on one 11.31 host, it mounts fine.

Simple mount usng  MOUNT /DEV/DSK/CXTXDX  /CDROM

When I  list the /cdrom its shows owner/group as ROOT:ROOT.

SWINSTALL is able to read it and all is well!


On my new 11.31 host, I mount with the same media (and same command).

When I do  a LL on /cdrom, it shows -1 -1 as the owner:group.....

SWINSTALL fails saying io error when reading.


Any ideas?

Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: 11.31 - mounting dvd/cd


Re: 11.31 - mounting DVD/CD

>I remember one or two past questions in this forum involving mounting optical discs on HP-UX systems.


Right, you could start by looking at the tag cloud:

Tom Haddad
Super Advisor

Re: 11.31 - mounting DVD/CD

thanks for the reference