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11.31 swreg -l depot error

Matthew Murdock
Frequent Advisor

11.31 swreg -l depot error

When I try to run swreg -l depot , I get a error stating "you do not have permission for this operation", although I am root. I placed a known working /etc/pam.conf in place on the server, but still, no go.
Valued Contributor

Re: 11.31 swreg -l depot error


No. it doesn't requies any pam privilege. check first;
swlist -l depot
check if the depot(depot path) is present.

swreg is use for other purpose.
Never Ever Give Up
Suraj K Sankari
Honored Contributor

Re: 11.31 swreg -l depot error

If you want to see the list of depot installed in your system then the command will be
swlist -l depot

no need to give other command

and swreg is for register or unregister depots and roots.
see the man page of swreg.

Matthew Murdock
Frequent Advisor

Re: 11.31 swreg -l depot error

>> Well from this morning itrc search,
"found a previous thread that suggested:
1...stop swagentd (/sbin/init.d/swagentd stop
2... move /var/adm/sw/security security.org
3...cp -rp /usr/newconfig/va/adm/sw/security /var/adm/sw/security
4...start swagentd (/sbin/init.d/swagentd start

after doing this swinstall now works..."
>> This also worked for me with the swreg command. You can register you depots to the SD agent with SWREG. Type in man swreg from the command prompt. Thanks.