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11iv2 LVM/disk timeout

Brem Belguebli
Regular Advisor

11iv2 LVM/disk timeout


When creating a PV, the IO Timeout value is set to default which imply that LVM will rely on the underlying device driver (disk)timeout.

I have found this link that states that for versions prior to 11iv3, there is no timeout with disk driver., unless devices are opened with NO_DELAY which will make 45 retries before blacklisting the device.

I cannot find wether LVM opens the PV's with NO_DELAY (lsof +fg /dev/[r]dsk/cxtydz doesn't show anything).

Is there some HP-UX internals things someone could point me to to get clear answers ?

In clear, if NO_DELAY is used, what is the timeout after which the system will decide to iterate the retries (up to 45 ones), or if NO_DELAY is not used, will the system hang undefinitely waiting for IO ack.

This last option doesn't seem to be true as the PV goes stale in reality.....