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11iv3 and EMC Symmetrix SCSI Flags

Tony Williams
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11iv3 and EMC Symmetrix SCSI Flags

Does anyone know if the same SCSI and Fibre Specific Flags still need to be set for 11iv3 that were set for 11iv2?

For 11iv2 we have always enabled:

SCSI Flags:

Fibre Specific Flags:

For 11iv3 we added:
SCSI Flags:

Specifically I'd like to find out if for 11iv3 do I still need to enable the EMC V-Bit setting which is the VSA ( Volume set addressing ) mode bit for HPUX.
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Re: 11iv3 and EMC Symmetrix SCSI Flags

Having issues with 11.31 multi-pathing and DMX-4

Have changed the SPC=2 bit at the FA/Host HBA relationship


HP-UX node is fully patched and has gottent the latest HBA drivers


Is there any other setting needing tuning besides SPC2_Protocol_version(SPC2)? We now can see WWID and also Lun Serial Number. No multi-pathing yet though.



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Re: 11iv3 and EMC Symmetrix SCSI Flags

If you initially allowed 11.31 to see the LUNs with the incorrect EMC bit settings, you may now have to rmsf all the EMC LUN device nodes (both the legacy and agile DSFs) and re-detect the devices (ioscan -fnNCdisk).


For DMX-4 and HP-UX 11.31, the EMC Enginuity firmware requirement is 5773.79.58 or later, or 5772.55.51 or later.


The old V bit is still required, the same as for older HP-UX versions. For fabric connections, you'll also need the PP bit.


The os07 bit is also recommended for 11.31, but you should be consistent with it: presenting a LUN to the same 11.31 system through one HBA with the os07 bit and through another HBA without it is not recommended.


With the os07 bit enabled, 11.31 should be able to auto-detect new LUNs as they are presented (= no need to ioscan + insf). The system should also detect LUN capacity change events: if you've created a VG with a too small MaxPV value, enlarging the LUN combined with the vgmodify command could help you avoid a backup-recreate VG-restore cycle, minimizing the length of maintenance downtime in this case.