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2nd NIC, IP's and Auto Aggregate

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2nd NIC, IP's and Auto Aggregate

Hello all,

We have 2 nic's with assigned seperate IP's: .14 and .16, and one host name, no aliases.

I would like to configure them to share both IP's, or if necessary drop one IP and share that.

The ifconfig MAN suggests I can do this via command line or SAM.

The Auto Aggregate documentation I found says it will not work on our Cisco 1900 catalyst switches.

The question(s)...can SAM/ifconfig do what I want or do I need Auto Aggregate and a new switch? Is the Auto Aggregate s/w that much better?


A. Clay Stephenson
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Re: 2nd NIC, IP's and Auto Aggregate

Hi Doug,

Auto Port Aggregation makes both NIC's appear as a single IP address and except for a little overhead nearly doubles throughput. It's the only way to do what you are trying to do. Is it worth it? That depends on whether you are currently bandwidth limited.

If for example, this is a database server under fairly heavy SQLNET or Net8 use then you will see some improvements from APA's 2 or more ports.

Regards, Clay
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Re: 2nd NIC, IP's and Auto Aggregate

Thank you.