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32 bits API to write over 2 GB

Takeshi Sugai

32 bits API to write over 2 GB

Does anyone know that 32 bits API is OK to write over 2GB
Our machine mount method is largesizes.
Our Environment is L-server HP-UX 11.0 with ACE 11/99.

I understand it depends on function, But does anyone have experience that to write over 2GB file and the Kernel say something error.

Thank you for any help...
John Palmer
Honored Contributor

Re: 32 bits API to write over 2 GB

Yes it is ok, have a look at the Large Files White Paper /usr/share/doc/lg_files.txt.

Lots of 32 bit utilities like fbackup for instance handle largefiles.

One problem that you can encounter though is the restriction imposed by 'ulimit'. Checkout 'man sh-posix' and search for 'ulimit'.