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ACE_Malloc_T: Permission denied


ACE_Malloc_T: Permission denied


One of my application team is facing error when running one script which will fetch the list of users currently connected to the DB. The error is "ACE_Malloc_T::ACE_Malloc_T: Permission denied
ACE_Malloc_T::ACE_Malloc_T: Permission denied"

DB team confirmed there is nothing problem from their side and they want check on the server side. I checked the directory/file permission and it seems OK. Can you suggest what is this error and how can we solve this?

Thanks in Advance,
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: ACE_Malloc_T: Permission denied

I know nothing, but it might be easier for us
non-psychics to make a guess if you revealed
even a tiny bit of information about the
software (and/or hardware) involved here.

uname -a

> [...] one script [...]

I can't see it from here.

> [...] the DB [...]

Not a very detailed description of anything.

> Can you suggest [...]

With my weak psychic powers, no.

Re: ACE_Malloc_T: Permission denied

These look like messages from a C++ application, not a script.
I'm not sure why a memory allocation function would get Permission denied vs ENOMEM?

Re: ACE_Malloc_T: Permission denied

Hi Mani,

Try using 'tusc' (trace unix system calls) on HP-UX and then re-run whatever causes you're "permission denied" error while you log the 'tusc' output..

tusc ( or truss ) -f option will trace forked threads and you could probably see the syscalls that lead up to you're failure..

Since ACE is a comms framework usually layered atop TCP/IP you might also want to consider using Wireshark to see what's going over the network..if you're issue happens to be caused over the network...