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AD authentication for HPUX

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Simeon Harwood
Regular Advisor

AD authentication for HPUX

Hello all,
I want to get HPUX v11i v1 integrated with Windows AD. I think I remember looking at this several years ago, but can't find the package to do it, or is my memory clouded and this dosn't exist.
Does anyone know the name of it, also any tips for getting it to work would be appreciated.

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Re: AD authentication for HPUX

I think you're trying to recall Vintela Authentication Services.

Vintela was bought by Quest a while back, and they've been trying to change the name to Quest Authentication Services, but of course all the binaries and config files still say "vas." Gotta love it.

They just came out with version 4.0.

If you're running auditing in Trusted mode, be careful - we found a bug in the 3.5 version for HP-UX 11.11 which they had to fix, and it should be fine with 4.0 but you may want to double-check to be sure since we haven't rolled it out yet.
Kenan Erdey
Honored Contributor

Re: AD authentication for HPUX


ldap-ux is the product you are looking for. it's not in hp's software site. Perhaps you can find it in hp-ux cd or dvd.

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Simeon Harwood
Regular Advisor

Re: AD authentication for HPUX

Thanks guys,
I think that one I wanted was LDAPUX. I'm sure I've got it somewhere, just couldn't remember the name.

You never had this problem with a pencil and paper!