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APA configuration

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APA configuration

I need configuration for APA to meet the following demand. can someone pls help.

I have 3 LANs

"2x1Gb LACP trunk with a hot standby to a 1 Gb connection. "
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Re: APA configuration

What is your HP-UX version?

Have you read the APA documentation appropriate for your version?

HPUX 11.11 and 11.23 (11i v1 and v2):

HPUX 11.31 (11i v3):

The general idea is:
1.) Define one link aggregate (e.g. lan900) in LACP mode. Its members will be the first 2 of your physical LAN interfaces (e.g. lan0 and lan1).

2.) Define another link aggregate (e.g. lan901) in failover group mode. Its members will be the first LACP link aggregate (lan900) and the hot-standby physical interface (e.g. lan2), with the appropriate priorities.

3.) Don't configure any IP addresses for lan0, lan1, lan2 or lan900. Only the "topmost" aggregate lan901 should have an IP address.