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APA errno = 219

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APA errno = 219

Need valuable input for APA configuration erroe.

I'm getting the following error while appling lanapplyconf
ERROR: APA could not set LM Configuration for Fail-Over Group lan901. APA errno = 219.
ERROR: Creating Fail-Over Group failed lan901

Both the NIC is 100FD. and the ascii file contaains:
PRIMARY lan1 5
STANDBY lan2 3
and hp_apaportconf file contains
Mel Burslan
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Re: APA errno = 219

If either of these lan1 or lan2 have an IP address assigned to them, you need to disable this by downing and unplumbing the interface prior to running lanapplyconf command

ifconfig lan1 down
ifconfig lan1 unplumb
ifconfig lan2 down
ifconfig lan2 unplumb



make sure, if you are coming in thru lan1 or lan2 via ssh (or god forbid telnet) your connection will die. So, it is best doing such configuration from the system console.

Hope this helps.

UNIX because I majored in cryptology...
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Re: APA errno = 219

try to unplumb the lan2 first, and restart the lanapplyconf
look at this thread
Hope it helps
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Re: APA errno = 219

after unplumbing lan2 the error remain same

But once you make lan2 plumb and then apply lanapplyconf .We are getting fresh error stating:
Reading ASCII file /etc/lanmon/lanconfig.ascii
STANDBY port lan2 has an IP address configured, Fail-Over Group lan901 will not be configured
Exiting: Error verifying input file /etc/lanmon/lanconfig.ascii

# netstat -in
Name Mtu Network Address Ipkts Ierrs Opkts Oerrs Coll
lan2 1500 none none 0 0 0 0 0
lan1 1500 22452428 554 31485697 0 0
lo0 4136 325511 0 325511 0 0
# ifconfig lan2
lan2: flags=843
inet netmask 0
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Re: APA errno = 219

unplumbing lan2 doesn't solve the issue. Is there any known solution?
Kevin Brott_1
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Re: APA errno = 219

Have a brand-new install of the APA software on a legacy 11.11 system, with exactly this problem, 2nd port is not defined - or configured anywhere - and trying to bring up lan900 give us the same error.

Literally followed the example for creating a Failover Group off of page 107 of the HP-UX 11iv1 Admin Guide - only the IP is different.