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APA question

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APA question

Can I use the APA software to gang a 4-port NIC with the two internal NIC ports for greater bandwidth? I have a rx2660 server.

thx in advance
Mel Burslan
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Re: APA question

yes you can technically but with a server like rx2600 series, are you sure that you have enough CPU capacity to handle the data coming in from such a large pipe, considerin all 6 ports are gig-e speed ports ? It might be a little overkill. My 2 cents
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Steven E. Protter
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Re: APA question


Yes you can do what you desire. That is what APA is designed for.

You may need to do some work on your Cisco switches to make it work right.

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rick jones
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Re: APA question

Apart from the aforementioned caveats, keep in mind that it is the "aggregate performance under a single IP" that is greater, not the performance of a single flow, where flow is defined based on the packet scheduling algorithm you select as being:

traffic to the same MAC
traffic to the same IP
traffic to the same TCP or UDP port numbers
etc etc

So, you can aggregate the interfaces, but don't expect any one flow/connection to run faster than 1G.
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