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Accounts locking prematurely - 11.31/trusted system

Kevin (Gonzo) Bushman
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Accounts locking prematurely - 11.31/trusted system

I've got two systems running 11.31/IA-64. Inactivity is set to 32 days. Yet I have on occasion users calling to have their accounts unlocked. When I unlock them, I find they were locked due to inactivity (and usually also too many login attempts, which makes sense), yet they were logged in just the day before. It happened to our DBA this morning, but I know for a fact he was logged in yesterday as we've been very busy migrating from a couple of old 11.11 systems to our new 11.31 systems.

This is happening on trusted systems with Sept/10 installed.

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Re: Accounts locking prematurely - 11.31/trusted system

Check to make sure that the TCB database for the user is being updated properly when they log in.

/tcb/files/auth/u/username contains all the TCB data, in particular, the u_suclog value indicating the last successful login. This is, as I recall, what's compared against the current date to determine account inactivity.

To get the date string for a UNIX time value:

perl -e 'print scalar localtime '

When your users log in to the system, is this value getting updated correctly?