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Add KM3060 printer in hpux

Prasanth V Aravind
Trusted Contributor

Add KM3060 printer in hpux

Hi All,

Anybody add KM3060 printer in hp-ux ??

i have added this printer as remote printer & i am able to print to this. But only first line is printing ...

Any body face this ??

Honored Contributor

Re: Add KM3060 printer in hpux

I guess the first line in your test document is about as wide as the paper you're printing on. Am I right?

If that's the case, try a document with shorter lines and you'll most likely see that the next line begins where the previous line ends: this is called "stair-stepping". If the printer does not do line-wrapping, the starting point will sooner or later go outside the bounds of the paper, and nothing gets printed after that.

Then try using "ux2dos" to convert the print job before sending it to the printer:

ux2dos < testfile.txt | lp -dKM3060

Does the output now look OK?

The usual cause of "stair-stepping" is that the printer expects DOS-style line termination characters (ASCII CR + LF): CR to return to the left margin, and LF to move to the next line. For Unix use, you'd ideally want to configure the printer to treat a lone LF just like the CR + LF pair (see the documentation of the printer). Because Windows printer drivers usually explicitly initialize all the printer features, this configuration change usually has no effect at all for printing from Windows systems.

If that is not possible, you may have to modify the printer's model script so that it will automatically pipe your print jobs through the "ux2dos" command before sending them to the printer.