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Add on diagnostic software

Jennifer Lynn
Occasional Visitor

Add on diagnostic software

Hi, we are running a lot of DL 585s in 2 different DC's in 2 different cities on Redhat ES4.
And the systems just crash from time to time
With nothing in the logs
nothing in Sa
nothing in the insight agents
nothing in any log

it's like the machine just said "Hi, time to crash"

Do you know of any add on software that could help us troubleshoot what are causing the machines to crash?

We're in the process of upgrading to RH5
but right now, our VP's are looking for blood, and we can't figure out what is going on.
Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Add on diagnostic software

Install Proliant Support pack if you don't have it. Do you have console messages at the time of the crash? Enable Remote syslog logging.
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