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Add or increase SWAP space

Jonathan Grymes
Frequent Advisor

Add or increase SWAP space

Is there a recomended ratio between physical memory and SWAP?

I have an HP 2800 server with 16GB Physical memory and 8GB SWAP.

How do I increase SWAP?  I have 73 GB available on VG00.


Type        MB Avail   MB Used   MB Free    PCT Used  Start/Limit  MB Reserve    Pri       Name
dev          8192             2483         5709           30%                0              -                    1         /dev/vg00/lvol2
reserve      -                 4739        -4739
memory     15477        4797         10680          31%




Re: Add or increase SWAP space

>Is there a recommended ratio between physical memory and SWAP?


It depends on what you want to do and how much total memory you have.  Are you getting out of memory errors?

if you have 100 GB, then you don't want to have much swap.

Please edit your swapinfo output so it is readable.  Might as well add that info to your first post and delete your second:

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Forgot to mention to use "swapinfo -tam":.

You currently have 10 G of free memory, you don't need much more swap, unless you plan to change the load on your system.


Jonathan Grymes
Frequent Advisor

Re: Add or increase SWAP space

Our Physical RAM is 16GB and swap is 8GB. We think we need to add secondary swap. The errors we see when we're tryng to run AI stuff says 209 is running out of swap space. How do add secondary swap?

$ swapinfo -tam
                 Mb        Mb         Mb         PCT      START/            Mb
TYPE      AVAIL        USED     FREE       USED      LIMIT            RESERVE         PRI          NAME
dev         8192        4998        3194        61%         0                 -                    1          /dev/vg00/lvol2
reserve     -             1241         -1241
memory  15477       12275      3202       79%
total       23669       18514        5155     78%         -                    0 -

Re: Add or increase SWAP space

> The errors we see when we're trying to run AI stuff says 209 is running out of swap space.

It would help if you could provide the swapinfo when you get the error and not when there is 5 G free.
Search for adding device swap:


(I had a nightmare trying to reply.  Even though the Preview showed the right stuff, when posted it was all invisible and

taking no space!

I did get the bogus "bad html" message.)