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Addendum to my cron woes

Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

Addendum to my cron woes

Hi again guys. It would appear that I closed my last one a little too quickly. (Maybe I'm just too excited to get home for a spell. It's been a LONG 3 months.)

I checked the mail for oraprod, (the offeding user that won't run the cron job.) I get this when the scripts attempts to run through cron:

The Configuration file cfg/install.cfg does not exist

Any ideas? The same guys who responded to my last one, if you will repond to this, I will distribute points accordingly. I'm good about that.


Should have been an astronaut.
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Addendum to my cron woes

Shalom Ron,

Is the system trusted? There is a special procedure for enabling cron for certain users on a trusted system.

The error you report has nothing to do with cron. It is with the script you are running.

Since its past bed time and I'm working on a broke system. I will give you the fix to get the cron job working trusted without confirmation.




Steven E Protter
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Re: Addendum to my cron woes

I guess some Oracle-specific environment variables (like ORACLE_HOME) are not set in the cron environment.

As "man crontab" says, the default environment for cron jobs is very minimal (this example from HP-UX 11.23):

The cron job script should set up all the necessary environment variables itself, either by running /etc/profile and $HOME/.profile, or by explicitly initializing the variables it needs.

Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

Re: Addendum to my cron woes

I'm with you Matti!

What should the command line look like then? Right now it's /u03/oracle/oraprod/backup/do_backup.sh

Should I add in $HOME/.profile before the command? The man page is not real specific on this point.


Should have been an astronaut.
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Addendum to my cron woes

Hi Ron:

> Should I add in $HOME/.profile before the command? The man page is not real specific on this point.

In my opinion, no, because unless you have conditioned the terminal-specific commands like 'stty' to be run only if your shell is an interactive one, you will end up with the "not a typewriter" messages which if un-redirected will cause 'cron' to create mail for you.

A far better alternative is to either declare the variables you need in your script or to source (read) a file containing them:

# . /home/oracle/envvars

Note the dot followed by whitespace. If you choose this technique you could also remove hard-coded variables from the profile and simply source the external file. This has the additional advantage of having only one place (file) to add, modify or delete requisite variables.



Re: Addendum to my cron woes

Your previous thread:

>Should I add in $HOME/.profile before the command?

You could but it may be easier to just put it in your script with a comment about crontab?

Otherwise something like:
00 03 * * * . $HOME/.profile; /u03/oracle/oraprod/backup/do_backup.sh