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Adding printer through SAM.

Frank Sam
Occasional Advisor

Adding printer through SAM.

Hi i am trying to add a printer through SAM,

SAM==>Printers and Plotters==>LP Spooler==>Printers and Plotters==>

And i am getting this message.

Attempted to determine if the fileset "LP-SPOOL" from the product â
â "PrinterMgmt" exists on your system but the swlist command failed. â
â Stderr from swlist is: â
â â
â ERROR: Could not contact host "-a". Make sure the hostname is â
â correct and an absolute pathname is specified (beginning â
â with â
â "/"). â
â ERROR: More information may be found in the daemon logfile on this â
â target (default location is -a:/var/adm/sw/swagentd.log).

Please advise.(screen shot is attached.)

Thanks in advance.

Re: Adding printer through SAM.

Someone who is used to admin'ing Linux boxes has run the following command on your system:

hostname -a

On linux that command would show hostname aliases.

On HP-UX it has the unfortunate consequence of setting the actual system hostname to "-a".

Hopefully you know what the hostname of this system is *supposed* to be and you can reset it using:


so if its supposed to be called scooby:

hostname scooby

That should also sort out you SAM/printing problem...




Sharma Sanjeev
Respected Contributor

Re: Adding printer through SAM.


Looks like hostname of your system get changed to -a.

Please change the hostname as it was.

hostname < name >

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