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Advanced Printing

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Advanced Printing


I install advanced printing on TruCluster 5.1B
it work fine.
There is an option for printing which is

I try to send job using pdpr in order to print range of pages
I'm trying to print oracle report report.lis

using this command

# pdpr -f filename -x page-select=10:20 -p lp1

BUT its print the whole document

any help or suggestion

Ivan Ferreira
Honored Contributor

Re: Advanced Printing

I have no experience with Advanced Printing, but in the documentation, the reference goes to "Text to PostScript Translation Filter".


-p page-select Specifies one or more page selection ranges separated by commas. A range can be a integer page number, or two integers separated by a colon. To print pages 3-6 and 9 use the following command: 3:6,9
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