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Alis a5100

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Alis a5100

hi Guys,
would any one help in this to connect my printer on my server and how to install it so any one could help me out please witting for urgent reply
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Re: Alis a5100


If you are going to install printer on Tru64 server then you have to follow the below steps :-

IF printer is installed at LPT1 parallel port
1. run lprsetup.
2. select add, give name of the printer.
3. Select the model. If model is DMP then you can select unknown otherwise you can give HP if its laser printer.
4. select /dev/lp0 if its parallel printer.
5. It will ask for filter you can put q to quit and then it will show /etc/printcap output.
6. come out.

then you can give lpc status printername and check if its showing ok, and then you can test.

If printer is remote printer then
a) at Step 3 select remote inplace of model, it will ask the remote printer name
then at 4th step give share name.

Please check and do let me know clearly if this doesn't work, whats your requirement.