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Alpha DS-20 Installation Problem

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Alpha DS-20 Installation Problem

Hello !
We are trying to install Compaq TRU64 Version 3.0,4.0D,5.0 on alpha Server DS-20 while installation it gives the following Error.
BootStrap Address Collision,Image Loading aborted
Halted CPU 0
HaltCode = 5
Halt Instruction executed

Firmware Version is 6.3-1

Can anybody help me to sortout this issue .

Johan Brusche
Honored Contributor

Re: Alpha DS-20 Installation Problem

In console mode look for

P00>>>show console_memory_allocation

To work around the bootstrap address collision do:

P00>>>set console_memory_allocation old

For more detail check:

__ Johan

Frequent Advisor

Re: Alpha DS-20 Installation Problem

Johan ,
Thanks for quick response,Problem Has been solved ,I am very new to this. Now I have completed the installation.
I have two disk in my system dsk0 and dsk1( 18gb each)in dsk 0 I have createed three partition i.e. a,b and g each 1 gb ,now I want to create three more partitions on the same disk but it is now allowing me to do that .it gives overlapping error.
So how to make partitions ...pls help me

Thanks & regards
Michael Schulte zur Sur
Honored Contributor

Re: Alpha DS-20 Installation Problem


you can change non open partition by disklabel -e dsk0
Partitions do have an offset and a length and are not allowed to overlap, otherwise the data would be corrupted.
You are using a,b and g so far.
You could adjust parition d or e
The usual disk label has 8 oartitions from a-h.
You can see them with disklabel -r dsk0 for example.


Ralf Puchner
Honored Contributor

Re: Alpha DS-20 Installation Problem

first check if the versions are supported on that kind of hardware. Older versions of Tru64 (called Digital Unix or OSF/1 depending on version) doesn't support new hardware.

Have a look into the hardware compatibility list of the ds20.
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