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Antivirus Software for Tru64

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Red Dog Tim
Occasional Visitor

Antivirus Software for Tru64

Is there any available antivirus software for Tru64? Machine is behind a firewall and we are only running Oracle and remote print jobs- users only connect using SQLNet to Oracle, so I think I only need something really basic.
SOX auditors require antivirus, so I either need a package, or justification that it isn't necessary. Does anyone have any links I can use to support a case that antivirus isn't needed in my environment, or is it really needed????
Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: Antivirus Software for Tru64

There's at least one product:

but it seems to be intended primarily to
protect Windows systems which use a UNIX
system for e-mail or as a file server.

Perhaps you could ask these expert auditors
if they can point to an example of an actual
Tru64 virus.

> I think I only need something really basic.

Like smarter auditors?