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Any experience with EMC Open Replicator

Mark Fisher_4
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Any experience with EMC Open Replicator

My company has a project to get rid of all its old EMC Clariion based storage and move to EMC DMX storage. They are talking about using EMC Open Replicator to copy the disk data from the old Clariion's to the new DMX disks. Then they will ask me, the HPUX SA, to shutdown the HPUX server and they will remove the old Clariion disks and present the new DMX disks to the server. I will then boot the HPUX server and have to use the new DMX disks. This will involve making changes to the VG's with the new HW paths and special device files.

Does any one have any experience with this and could provide me a suggested set of steps I should use to accomplish this?

I also have SAN disks that we boot the OS from. What special steps need to be performed to move the boot disk from an old Clariion disk to a new DMX disk.

I also have vpars that boot from the SAN disks. So I will have to figure out how to boot the vparmonitor from the new disks and then modify the vpar configs of the vpars to boot the vpars from the new san disks.

Lastly, I also have servers with Veritas Clustered Filesystems. This does not involve LVM, its Veritas Storage Management (commands like vxdisk, vxdiskadm, vxdisksetup, vxdg).

Any help that anyone can provide would be greatly appreciated.