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Anyone familiar with mondorescue

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Anyone familiar with mondorescue

I am trying to restore a server going from VMware slice to a physical server...

I origionally had an issue with /dev/sda not existing, but resolved that issue with FORCE_MODS=cciss

I started the restore in interactive mode, and changed the partition table to use /dev/cciss/... and that worked correctly...

But when it is doing it's initializing it fails with message: Failed to Initialize LVM...

The origional server does use LVM, and I created the partition table with LVM... not sure what I need to do to get around this issue...
Craig Gilmore
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Re: Anyone familiar with mondorescue

You will need to edit the file i-wantmylvm. That file has the LVM configuration for doing the mondorescue. That configuration will need to exist before you can fully restore your files.

The file i-want-my-lvm has details of how to recreate the LVM setup.

It does work. I used this a couple of years ago to do bare-metal deployments from an image taken for disaster recovery.

Good Luck!

From the FAQ:

10.2.13. Q: Does Mondo support LVM?

A: Mondo supports LVM v1 and v2. Mondo backs up and restores your existing setup but it does not make it easy for you to change your LVM configuration, at the moment. You have to edit /tmp/i-want-my-lvm at boot-time to do that.

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Re: Anyone familiar with mondorescue

Thanks Craig,

Got my that building the LVM file systems manually and that is ok now...

Once you are in the shell, is there a way to restart the restore from there or do you have to reboot ??

I rebooted into Interactive mode, and told it No to setting up the partitions and clearing file systems...

It said it was starting the restore and then errored out and dropped me back into the shell with:

(compare_a_tarball) Compression program not found

Re: Anyone familiar with mondorescue

Hello MikeL,

Were you able to resolve the error finding the compression program in mondorescue?

I'm having the same problem trying while restoring in interactive mode a Red Hat Entreprise Linux 4 system.

Your comments and help will be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.