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Anyone one else using SSH Tectia on HP-UX 11.31?

JD White

Anyone one else using SSH Tectia on HP-UX 11.31?

Before anyone yells at me I have to support CAC logins therefore Tectia. Also I'm not allowed to use remsh on the network.


I'm setting up one of my machines as an Ignite Server and I'm having an issue when I try to  "Add New Client for Recovery"  using ssh. 


Tectia does not understand the -oBatchMode and the process fails.


sshg3:  The `-oBatchMode=yes` option is not supported."


Does anyone know a way around this?



Honored Contributor

Re: Anyone one else using SSH Tectia on HP-UX 11.31?

The "sshg3" in the error message suggests that the plain "ssh" command may be a symlink or a wrapper of some sort, that executes the actual binary named "sshg3". (We're not using SSH Tectia currently, but I seem to recall that some old versions of Tectia SSH at least used to do this.)


Ignite-UX certainly calls the SSH client with "ssh <some options>".


You could replace the symlink with a custom script that silently removes the offending option from the command line, but passes the rest of the command line as-is. If -oBatchMode=yes is the first option on the command line issued by Ignite, it might be as simple as:

if [ "$1" = "-oBatchMode=yes" ]; then
exec /where/ever/sshg3 "$@"

 If the offending option is not the first one, trickier processing may be required.