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Re: Apache and PHP 5.x on 11.11

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Apache and PHP 5.x on 11.11

I have a user who requires PHP 5.x but they are on UX 11.11.

I downloaded the Apache and PHP from the porting centre with all of its dependencies but when I am trying to load the php module I am getting library missing errors. A google search leads me to believe that they should be in the heimdal package but they are nowhere to be found. I have listed all of the .sl libraries in all of the packages I installed from the porting centre but they are not there.

Two questions. Is there another source of PHP 5 that I can use or where can I find the missing libraries?

Two of the missing libraries are and
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Re: Apache and PHP 5.x on 11.11

When you download from the Porting Centre, there will be a list of build-time and run-time dependencies. Apache and PHP have a lot of dependencies, so be sure to use the latest feature at the Porting Centre, depothelper. Download and install the helper to gather everything you need.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin
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Re: Apache and PHP 5.x on 11.11

Thanks for the reply. We are behind a firewall so the helper will be of limited benefit. I have installed all of the dependencies as I mentioned in the original post so I am suspecting that the person who compiled PHP was using a version other than the one available from the porting centre.