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Applying Dec 2008 bundle


Applying Dec 2008 bundle

Hi Gurus,

I need to apply Dec 2008 bundle for my servers which are "ia64 hp server rx4640" model. VERITAS is installed in it and all the disks are under veritas. I have never done a patching in a veritas enviroment. Can anyone help me out with the procedure to perform the task.

Thanks in advance.
Johnson Punniyalingam
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Re: Applying Dec 2008 bundle

>>Can anyone help me out with the procedure to perform the task<<

Step 1:-

make_sure you have all the backups including the "OS" & Application data

OS -> make_tape_recovery

step2 :- Download the "Dec 2008 Patch Bundle"
form "Patch database"

step 3:- swinstall -s .depot

Good luck & All the best


last :) please assign points if your satisfied, D'not forget to assign points

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Re: Applying Dec 2008 bundle

Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. But is there any specific tasks that we need to perform if the disks are under veritas.
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Re: Applying Dec 2008 bundle


As you have mentioned, June 2008 and Rx4640, I hope you must be having HP-UX 11.23 installed and you would like to install the QPK.

Read through the bundle readme.|releaseIndexPage|releasePage{0812-11.23}|&depotId=QPK1123:B.11.23.0812.076

and in the bundle,

1. Patch PHKL_36745 has a Warning
2. Patch PHCO_35226 has a Warning

All other warning patches are having replacements. While downloading the QPK remember to include the replacement patches also in the same bundle.

* Remember to read all special installation instruction and other dependency text of each patch before installing.

Sooraj U

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Re: Applying Dec 2008 bundle

Hi All,

My system is HPUX 11.23 and has the following in my system.


B6848BA Ximian GNOME 1.4 GTK+ Libraries for HP-UX
B8843CA A.03.02 HP-UX Workload Manager
B9073BA B. HP-UX iCOD Instant Capacity (iCAP)
B9901AA A. HP IPFilter 3.5alpha5
BUNDLE11i B.11.23.0409.3 Required Patch Bundle for HP-UX 11i v2 (B.11.23), September 2004
Base-VXFS 4.1.002 VERITAS File System Bundle 4.1 for HP-UX
Base-VXVM B.04.10.011 Base VERITAS Volume Manager Bundle 4.1 for HP-UX
CDE-English B.11.23.0409 English CDE Environment
CFG2HTML C.03.29.20060801 Config To HTML System Documentation Tool (cfg2html) for HP-UX by ROSE SWE
CommonIO B.11.23.0712 Common IO Drivers
DSAUtilities C.01.00.11 HP-UX Distributed Systems Administration Utilities
DynRootDisk A. Dynamic Root Disk
EnableVxFS B.11.23.07 File-System library, commands enhancements for VxFS4.1 and 5.0
FDDI-00 B.11.23.01 PCI FDDI;Supptd HW=A3739B;SW=J3626AA
FEATURE11i B.11.23.0712.070 Feature Enablement Patches for HP-UX 11i v2, December 2007
FIREFOX Firefox for HP-UX
FIREFOXsrc Firefox Source distribution
FibrChanl-00 B.11.23.0712 PCI FibreChannel;Supptd HW=A6795A,A5158A
FibrChanl-01 B. FibrChnl;SupptdHW=A6826A,A9782A,A9784A,AB378A,AB379A,AB465A,AD193A,AD194A,AD300A
FibrChanl-02 B.11.23.0712 PCIe FibreChannel;Supptd HW=AD299A,AD355A
GTK GTK+ 2.6 The Gnome GUI Runtime Toolkit
GTKsrc Gtk Source distribution
GigEther-00 B.11.23.0512 PCI GigEther;Supptd HW=A4926A/A4929A/A6096A;SW=J1642AA
GigEther-01 B.11.23.0712 PCI GigEther;Supptd HW=A6825A/A6794A/A6847A/A8685A/A9782A/A9784A/A7109A/AB465A
GuestAVIOStor B.11.23.0712 HPVM Guest AVIO Storage Software
GuestAvioLan B.11.23.0712 HPVM Guest AVIO LAN Software
HPUX11i-OE-Ent B.11.23.0712 HP-UX Enterprise Operating Environment Component
HPUXBaseAux B.11.23.0712 HP-UX Base OS Auxiliary
HPUXBaseOS B.11.23 HP-UX Base OS
HPUXBastille B.3.0.29 Bastille Security Hardening Tool
HWEnable11i B.11.23.0712.070 Hardware Enablement Patches for HP-UX 11i v2, December 2007
HostAVIOStor B.11.23.0712 HPVM Host AVIO Storage Software
HostAvioLan B.11.23.0712.01 HPVM Host AVIO LAN Software
IEther-00 B.11.23.0712 PCI/PCI-X/PCIe IEther
ISEEPlatform A.03.95.510.46.03 ISEE Platform
IUX-Recovery C.7.5.142 Ignite-UX network recovery tool subset
J4240AA B.11.23.20 Auto-Port Aggregation Software
Java15JDK Java 1.5 JDK for HP-UX
Java15JDKadd Java 1.5 JDK -AA addon for HP-UX
Java15JRE Java 1.5 JRE for HP-UX
Java15JREadd Java 1.5 JRE -AA addon for HP-UX
Judy B. Judy Library and Related files
LSOF 0702 B.11.23 IA lsof 4.77
LVMProvider R11.23.009 CIM/WBEM Provider for LVM
MOZILLA Mozilla for HP-UX
MOZILLAsrc Mozilla Source distribution
OnlineDiag B. HPUX 11.23 Support Tools Bundle, December 2007
ParMgr B. Partition Manager - HP-UX
ProviderDefault B.11.23.0712 Select WBEM Providers
QPKAPPS B.11.23.0712.070a Applications Patches for HP-UX 11i v2, December 2007
QPKBASE B.11.23.0712.070a Base Quality Pack Bundle for HP-UX 11i v2, December 2007
RAID-01 B.11.23.0712 RAID SA; Supptd HW=A7143A/A9890A/A9891A
Sec00Tools B.01.04.10 Install-Time security infrastructure.
SerialSCSI-00 B.11.23.0712 PCI-X/PCI-E SerialSCSI
SwAssistant C.01.02 HP-UX Software Assistant
SysFaultMgmt B. HPUX System Fault Management
SysMgmtWeb A.2.2.7 HP-UX Web Based System Management User Interfaces
T1455AAventi Java2 1.3 Netscape Plugin with JRE for HP-UX
T1456AA Java2 1.4 SDK for HP-UX
T1456AAaddon Java2 1.4 SDK -AA addon for HP-UX
T1457AA Java2 1.4 RTE for HP-UX
T1457AAaddon Java2 1.4 RTE -AA addon for HP-UX
T1471AA A.04.50.021 HP-UX Secure Shell
TBIRD Thunderbird for HP-UX
TBIRDsrc Thunderbird Source distribution
USB-00 C.01.04.07 USB Subsystem and Drivers
VMGuestLib A.03.50 Integrity VM Guest Support Libraries
WLMToolkits A.01.10 HP-UX Workload Manager Toolkits
hpuxwsApache B. HP-UX Apache-based Web Server
hpuxwsTomcat B. HP-UX Tomcat-based Servlet Engine
hpuxwsWebmin A.1.070.10 HP-UX Webmin-based Admin
hpuxwsXml A.2.03 HP-UX XML Web Server Tools
internet A.07.00-001 HP-UX Internet Express
perl D.5.8.8.B 5.8.8 Perl Programming Language
scsiU320-00 B.11.23.0712 PCI-X SCSI U320; Supptd HW=A7173A/AB290A
security A.07.00-001 HP-UX Internet Express

Re: Applying Dec 2008 bundle

I have Dec 2007 QPK installed in my system.