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Auditing On HP-UX


Auditing On HP-UX

Hi  ,


I have enabled auditing on my hp-ux box and after auditing is enabled I constantly getting warning messages like :


audit system approaching AuditFileSwitch point.                

current audit trail size = 902 kilobytes.                                      

Use -X option to schedule a task at each switch point to archive and backup current audit trail,

and make sure file system not to become full.

audomon: auto-switch to /var/xxxx/xx/xx/  was successful.


How to get rid of these warnings.


Is there a way to redirect the warnings to null or some where else.


Increasing  audit file size doesnt seems a a good option to me as it will just delay the messages but not completely vanishes the warnings.


Also Please tell the way to use -X option so can i clean older audit files.