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Auto mounting the nfs file systems.

Kuntal Gupta
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Auto mounting the nfs file systems.

Dear HPUX lovers,


I have Zero knowledge in nfs.


After rebooting a NFS server I have to  execute the command

# exportfs -i /<fs1>

# exportfs -i /<fs2> on

 to make the fs available to nfs client.


I want that after rebooting this should be done automatically.


Pls suggest how to do this?


I can't test it right away.


The suggestions will be kept until next opertunity comes.






Modris Bremze
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Re: Auto mounting the nfs file systems.

/etc/exports file should be processed at boot time automatically. If the exported filesystems are mounted some time later, then some kind of script/automation might be required to exportfs them after they are mounted. And exportfs -a exports all filesystems in /etc/exports, so you don't have to exporfs them one by one.