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Autobooting vPARS

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Pam Meyer
Occasional Contributor

Autobooting vPARS

I'm looking for some opinions on autobooting vPARS.

I'm currently managing 2 rp7420's, each with 3 vPARS all running HP-UX 11iv1 (11.11). The two production vPARS (one on each 7420) use the internal disk for vg00, the other 4 vPARS (dev & test) use SAN-attached disk from an EVA6000 for their vg00s. Three of the 6 servers run Oracle Databases, and the other 3 servers run Oracle Applications mounted from the Database servers - I know, it's dumb, that is in the works to correct.

The servers are not located in a "real" datacenter - they are in a computer room in the company's building - so there is no generator power. And the building has had problems with power outages.

The vPARS are currently NOT configured to autoboot. And I'm wondering if it's a good idea to do so. Originally I thought yes, but after working with the environment for several months, I'm second-guessing that.

I'm looking for opinions on whether autoboot is a good idea for this environment.

Thanks in advance.
Johnson Punniyalingam
Honored Contributor

Re: Autobooting vPARS

>>'m looking for opinions on whether autoboot is a good idea for this environment<<

personally, I wish to control my reboots, so I don't mess with auto-booting and autoboot options.
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Respected Contributor

Re: Autobooting vPARS

Although it might be a pain if you are not around when the failure happens, in this circumstance I would stick with autoboot off since reboots caused by power glitches more often than not tend to leave things in mess.
Watching things come up means you can take evasive action sooner .

We had a similar problem in remote building.
they did not want the cost of going to a full UPS. We persuaded them that a dedicated feed to the computer room with a power conditioner which has a about a 30 to 60 second hold would be a viable and cheaper option. It allows the system to ride through the utility company switching events and spikes from things like the lift motors.
And so far we have not seen any of the server up and down nonsense we had before.

I hope this is of some help
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Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: Autobooting vPARS


If you want the systems to come up after an unexpected outage, you need to set them to autoboot.

Pretty simple vparmodify command.

But if there is a sudden loss of power the auto boot might not work.

This hardware likes a steady power supply. It might be prudent to get some store purchased UPS in there.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Javed Khan_1
Valued Contributor

Re: Autobooting vPARS


Also make sure that when you have set the auto boot flag fro vpar , you boot disk auto file sting should be

/stand/vpmon -a

This will load all vpar which has auto boot flag set.

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Pam Meyer
Occasional Contributor

Re: Autobooting vPARS

Talked to the IS Director and because of the environment here, autoboot will not be used. Thanks for your input. :)