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Automatically changed the disk device files

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Narendra Uttekar
Regular Advisor

Automatically changed the disk device files

I don't know how automatically the disk device files got changed. I am using the HP VA7100 storage and earlier my device file was /dev/dsk/c6t12d1 and /dev/dsk/c10t14d1 in VG vgdb02 and now when i am doing ioscan i am able to see the disk device file but it got changed to /dev/dsk/c9t0d1 and /dev/dsk/c18t0d1. And now i am not able to activate the VG vgdb02...Please let me know how to activtae vgdb02 and how to resolve the problem of this changed disk device files.
Sachin Kumbla
Frequent Advisor

Re: Automatically changed the disk device files


you need to import the vg on the new device path

vgimport -v vgname

vgchange -a y vgname

Sachin Kumbla.
Horia Chirculescu
Honored Contributor

Re: Automatically changed the disk device files


Yes, you must import the vgdb02 but in order to do that you must first export the same VG.


strings /etc/lvmtab

Best regards from Romania,
Honored Contributor

Re: Automatically changed the disk device files

Maybe someone replaced a SAN switch and did not tell you?

The standard procedure in a situation like this:

1.) find out the minor device number of vgdb02:

ll /dev/vgdb02/group

The response will be something like:
crw-r--r-- 1 root disk 64, 0xNN0000 /dev/vgdb02/group

The minor device number is 0xNN0000, where NN can be any hex digits. Remember the correct number, you will need it later.

2.) export the VG, creating a map file that includes the VGID:

vgexport -v -s -m vgdb02

3.) re-create the VG directory and the group file, because the vgexport deleted it:

mkdir /dev/vgdb02
mknod /dev/vgdb02/group c 64 0xNN0000

(Use the correct minor device number you got from step 1 instead of 0xNN0000.)

4.) re-import the VG, using the -s option to auto-find the VG disks using the VGID in the map file:

vgimport -v -s -m vgdb02

Now the volume group is again in a normal state and you should be able to activate it as usual:

vgchange -a y vgdb02

(or if it's a Serviceguard cluster VG, then just start the package instead)

Narendra Uttekar
Regular Advisor

Re: Automatically changed the disk device files

Thanks Matti Kurkela for the excellent solution. I was able to fix the problem with your solution.