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Autoraid 12H boot

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Ron Irving
Trusted Contributor

Autoraid 12H boot

Is there a way to boot from a 12H, connected to a K460 with HP-UX 11i? I've tried hooking the 12H directly to the core I/O, but the install doesn't give me an option to install to the array, only the internal disk. If I disconnect the internal disk, the install won't find anything to install to.

This is for testing purposes, so I can beat upon this system at liesure.

Thanks in advance,

Ron Irving
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doug mielke
Respected Contributor

Re: Autoraid 12H boot

Booting from any external array will be problematic.

The Autoraids use a layer of management/ vitual I/O sw that it seems would have to be included in the PDC code for the system to be able to access them. AutoRAids may be even more difficult, since they will shift their data from one 'area' to another, depending of how often it is written to. A system booting would need a vehicle to keep track of that included in the boot (pdc) code.

But at least I can see my AutoRaids from the system using SAM. My DG / Clarian arrays are invisible.
A. Clay Stephenson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Autoraid 12H boot

You will need the "lif" version of the 12H firmware (as opposed) to the "raw" version. You will also need to pre-create a LUN (but you can do that using the front panel).

Now having said this, booting from an array of any kind is something I never do. There are still some tasks that good ole standalone disks are good for --- and booting is one of them. When things go wrong, I really don't want anything extra in the loop. You mentioned K boxes so my other rule is NEVER use the internal disks unless they is hot-pluggable -- which the K-bays ain't. Get your self some Jamaica enclosures. The Jamaica's and their disk modulkes are dirt cheap on the used market and are ideal boot (and bootmirror) devices for an old K-box.
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