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BIOS Update for HP TC T420 via HPDM


BIOS Update for HP TC T420 via HPDM

I'm trying to update/flash the BIOS on a T420 thin client which has ThinPro 7.1 and BIOS version L42 v1.05.  I'm tring to install L42 1.06.  The BIOS tool-less update option is set to Auto.

Attached is what I'm seeing.  When I reboot, the BIOS update doesn't initiate.

I've seen some BIOS files end with ".bin".  The file L42_0160_LnxX64 is what it can as.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions?  I'm currently only pushing out the BIOS update file to thin clients but will eventually script/automate the process once it's working.  Thanks!