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BL460C hanging - Attempting to boot from hard drive c

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BL460C hanging - Attempting to boot from hard drive c

I have installed Redhat 5.6 on this BL460c blade and upon completion, it prompted to reboot. Reboot failed to find boot disk or boot loader, stuck at msg: attempting to boot from hard drive c

Anyone know how to fix this problem? I am going to boot from a DVD to rescue mode to see if I can install grub to partition 1. In the mean time, if you know the cause and fix, please share.


Thanks lot!



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Re: BL460C hanging - Attempting to boot from hard drive c

Which generation of BL460c?


The older generations (the first-generation BL460c and the BL460c G5) should be fine with any version of RHEL5.

  • BL460c G6 requires RHEL 5.3 or newer
  • BL460c G7 requires RHEL 5.5 or newer
  • BL460c G8 requires RHEL 5.7 or newer.

I've seen this happen sometimes with unusual configurations, e.g. when there are multiple disks available at OS installation time. Basically, there is no well-supported standard way for the PC BIOS to tell the OS installer the order of disks it sees. As all 32-bit or better OSs and their installers use the OS drivers to re-detect the hardware from scratch, the drive ordering information is lost when switching from BIOS to the OS drivers. So the installer must guess the correct order. Sometimes it makes a wrong guess.


If you can access the system with the rescue mode, look into /boot/grub/ It describes the disk ordering guessed by the OS installer and used by the GRUB installation program. Typically, BIOS presents whatever disk is selected as bootable as the "first BIOS disk", also known as (hd0) in GRUB terms. If the mapping in the file does not correspond to reality, fix it and run grub-install for your system disk.