Backup and Restore

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Backup and Restore

Dear Techies,

What happened if /root file system restored when one machine to another machine..?

If any afftected in distination machine ?  If yes means what kind of troubles there?

Bill Hassell
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Re: Backup and Restore

If you mean the directory /root (usually the root user's HOME directory) then there is little effect. However, I think you may have meant that the entire / directory (called the root directory) was copied. 

It would help to understand what command was used to copy the / directory. Was the second machine's / directory mounted as an NFS directory? 

Or was the copy done by using tar on a tape from the second machine?

In either case, untangling the mess will not be easy, especially for the system-dependent files in /dev and config files in /etc. Applications and databases will likely be corrupted and unfixable. You'll have to use your latest Ignite backup to restore the machine to working order.

Bill Hassell, sysadmin