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Re: Backup failed !!

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Backup failed !!

hello friends,

My machine's Backup drive was replaced as it went bad. Now after erplacement , i realised that the device file for the drive is changed from 0m to 1m . How does it happen ?. Can i change it back




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Re: Backup failed !!


this may happen if the SCSI id of the device is changed. Is it an external one ?. If yes you have an option to change it to the previous SCSI id. Back side there is a switch which determins the SCSI id change it to the old one. then you can use the old device file it self

One more option is that

disconnect the DAT Drive
do an rmsf on all the existing device files in /dev/rmt then reboot the machine. Power on the DAT Drive before the system starts up. You will get 0m as that is the first device files used

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