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I wanna knw how to make a backup tape for a HP-UX server
and how i can unbackup this file agian
Patrick Wallek
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The easiest way to backup would be via the fbackup command.

To restore a tape created with fbackup, you use the frecover command.

There are extensive man pages for both commands.
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thank u
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Hi ,

if you want to take the system backup only
you can use ignite ux . if it is avaialable .


command will help u to take the system backup .
this will make a bootable tape . try it and tell me.
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Re: Backup

how to boot from this tape drive after finishing backup ?

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Hi Osama

Adding to above valuable replies..

1) System recovery Backup

Mkae_tape_recovery -AI -a /dev/rmt/ -x inc_entire=vg00

This will create bootable tape with entire data of VG00 which is containing boot lvolume, swap,root.

Before creating this backup it is better to create the VG map files for thye other VGs using the command

vgexport -pvs -m / .
Keep the map file path in any lvol in VG00, better to keep in /etc

To recover after system crash :- Boot the system and go to the PDC prompt.
Give search (sea) command and identify your tape drive path
then give
bo or < no>

2) General backups are taken using the fbackup utility as this can take backup of files more that 2 GB also .

More more info try with man command

Sridhar Bhaskarla
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Since you are talking about OS backup, you will need to install Ignite/UX from the following depot and run make_tape_recovery to create a OS boot tape. Read the FAQ in that site.

Ignite is intended for OS recoveries not for regular file backup. Though it can be done, it can take a long time to restore files from the ignite tape. So, I suggest along with the ignite tape, consider running 'fbackup' so that recovering individual files will be easy.

To boot from the ignite tape, insert the tape in the tape drive, reboot the system, interact with BCH and boot from the tape drive. From then on, it will be almost like booting from CD.

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