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rana sarkar


Hi Gurus,

I hav a 150 filesystem having datafiles for three database.
I need to take its backup to DAT 72 tape.
Need Help.
Esteemed Contributor

Re: Backup

Hello rana,
what is your Architecture, 150 file systems are in a single server?

you can use below command to write data in DAT drive.

rigel:~> tar cvf /dev/nrtape file1 file2 ... dir1 dir2 ...

also check below url for whole listing of command for DAT
Honored Contributor

Re: Backup

better yet, what database?

a straight forward tar done when the db is running won't necessarily be usable for restores, as the db resulting from the restore would be inconsistent.

and how big is the database? will it fit on a dat72? if not, tar probably isn't going to be the answer.

150 Filesystems? that doesn't sound right, but it may be.
rana sarkar

Re: Backup

actually its 150gb filesystem.
single File system
backup device available DAT 72.
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Re: Backup

one more time:

What OS / version?
What Database?

and do you have any 3rd party backup software installed?
Michael Mike Reaser
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Re: Backup

In addition to OldSchool's queries:

Is 150 Gb the maximum size of your file system, or is that the current size of the space being used in that file system?

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